Knee Ligament Repair in Jaipur

It is critical to care for your knees starting early in life. The knee joint is among the most essential joints in the body since it allows you to walk, stand, and run while also bearing your body's weight. Many people encounter knee difficulties at some point in their lives, which are generally preventable.

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We all scrape our knees once in a while, and it typically heals with a band-aid. But what happens if you tear a ligament and any pressure or weight on the knee joint causes severe pain?


The knee joint is among the toughest and most important joints in your body. It supports the body's weight and plays an essential role in the movement of your legs. Many daily activities, such as walking, jogging, sitting, and standing, require movement at the knee joint.


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Read on to know about knee ligament repair and why you might need it.             


What are knee ligaments?

Ligaments are strong, elastic bands of connective tissue surrounding your joint to support and limit its movement.


Your knee joint can become weak and unstable if the ligaments are injured. A sports injury is a common cause of ligament damage. A damaged ligament can substantially restrict your knee movement. As a result, the leg is unable to turn or twist. If standard medications do not help, you will require the expertise of an orthopedic surgeon.


The knee has four ligaments that are vulnerable to injury:




 The anterior cruciate ligament is the most often susceptible to damage. It links the thigh and shin (tibia) bones.




The posterior cruciate ligament also connects the thigh and shin bones. It is injured in rare cases, like a car accident.




The lateral collateral ligament is a ligament connecting the thigh bone to the fibula (also called the calf bone).


MCL - 


Medial collateral ligament connects the thigh and shin bones in the inner side of the knee.


How does a knee ligament injury feel?

A knee ligament injury may cause:

  • Loud snap or pop at the time of injury
  • Pain that is often intense and sudden
  • Swelling within 24 hours of the injury
  • A feeling of instability in the joint
  • Pain when there is any weight on the joint


If you experience any of the above, visit Dr. Dilip Mehta, a highly skilled orthopedic doctor in Jaipur, for a diagnosis. He may take X-rays to check for any broken bones and MRI to rule out ligament injuries. 


What is the treatment for knee ligament injury?

According to Dr. Dilip Mehta, minor to moderate injuries may heal on their own over time. You can speed up the healing process by doing the following:


Rest your injured knee: 

Avoid putting weight on the knee; use crutches till it heals


Apply ice: 

Use an ice pack (20 – 30 minutes) every few hours to reduce swelling and pain


Use a Compression: 

Wrap your knee with an elastic bandage, sleeves, or straps to reduce swelling


Use a knee brace: 

Protect and stabilize your knee by wearing a knee brace



Elevate your knee: 

Rest your knee on a pillow while lying down or sitting


Take pain killers: 

Anti-inflammatory pain relievers like aspirin and ibuprofen can aid with pain and swelling. Speak to your physician or pharmacist for directions or dosage


Limit your activity:

 Do not indulge in stressful activities that strain your knee


Follow doctor-recommended exercises: 

Practice strengthening and stretching exercises carefully without causing stress to your injury

If the above procedures don’t help, speak with Dr. Dilip Mehta, among the best orthopedic surgeons in Jaipur, to determine if a knee ligament repair surgery will help you. Dr. Mehta is committed to providing caring, safe, and cost-effective treatment to his patients.


What is a knee ligament repair surgery, and will I need it?

Knee ligament repair is a procedure for treating a torn knee ligament that causes knee instability. A torn knee ligament can make it impossible for you to perform everyday tasks that require turning or twisting at the knee. It may cause your knee to buckle and make you fall.


In a knee ligament repair surgery, the surgeon replaces the torn ligament with healthy tendons taken from another part of your leg or a donor.



If the pain is not an issue, you may opt to avoid the operation and face the possibility of lifelong leg instability. You can discuss your treatment choices with Dr. Dilip Mehta, an eminent orthopedic surgeon in Jaipur


What is the recovery time post-surgery?

You should be able to resume your previous level of activity between 6 weeks to 6 months. Your doctor may advise you to keep doing things like cycling and swimming, but not any tasks or sports involving a lot of turning, jumping, and twisting.



The severity of your injuries will determine the length of your recovery. People heal at varying rates as well.


It is crucial to strictly follow your surgeon’s post-surgery instructions for a smooth recovery.



It is critical to care for your knees starting early in life. The knee joint is among the most essential joints in the body since it allows you to walk, stand, and run while also bearing your body's weight. Many people encounter knee difficulties at some point in their lives, which are generally preventable. 


It is a good idea to guard your knee from damage or harm by taking care during all your activities. If there is an accident involving your knee, waiting until it worsens is the worst thing you can possibly so. 


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